Green Port Impact Assessment

An analysis of the socio-economic-environmental data
from Green Port Hull’s activity in the Hull and East Riding region, using Siemens Gamesa
and ABP’s Blade Factory investment as a case study.


A mixed methodology (quantitative and qualitative), using socio-economic-environmental baseline indicators, together with a detailed Green Port Hull strand analysis, to develop a mechanism for assessing the impact of Green Port Hull on the region.

Key Indicators

Economic Multiplier


For every £1 of investment, an additional 47 pence will be generated in the disposable income of the local economy of the Humber.

1,063 Jobs

Direct Employment creation (Siemens Gamesa): Creation of 1,063 jobs with a potential for an additional 627 supporting jobs based on the latest employment multiplier data for the UK manufacturing sector
Gross Value Added (GVA)


Direct employment by Siemens Gamesa may contribute up to £71.3m to the GVA of Hull
Pathway to Employment

76 People

The creation of 76 sustainable employment opportunities, resulting in benefits saved between £228,820 and £288,891.

Thematic Maps

Siemens-Gamesa Suppliers
Green Port Growth Program Upskilling

Sample of thematic maps highlighting early findings. Click here for additional thematic maps

GIA Publications

Green Port Impact Assessment Report
Siemens-Gamesa Resident Survey Summary Sheet
Skills and Employment Impact
Green Port Impact Assessment Report